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Managed IT Services for Eastern North Carolina

Get unmatched IT solutions from a partner that lives and works where you do. We speak your language and exist to solve your IT challenges – allowing you to do what you do best.

Phillip Davis

Let’s talk about your IT needs and see if we’d be a good fit for you. No pressure, no gimmicks.

Your IT systems shouldn’t hold you back.

We believe that technology doesn’t have to be a source of headache and stress; however, to do it right, we have learned that an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure every time. Our mindset is to be proactive whenever possible – using the best tools available – and to be extremely responsive when a problem does arise.

We boost our clients to get more sales

Simplicity Wins.

Cutting through jargon and complexity and prioritizing user-friendliness matters. Spending hours on hold with tech support explaining cryptic error messages isn’t a win, so we make sure that’s never a part of your experience.

Proactive Monitoring.

Which is better: detecting a failing hard drive before your server goes down, or finding you have a crash on your hands? We can’t predict everything, but the systems we’ve put in place frequently prevent disasters on even our most basic service tier. Unlike many MSPs that offer a bottom-dollar service without this level of monitoring, we strive to be true partners with you in your success.

What’s frustrating you?

Our growth is stretching our current IT provider thin.2024-03-01T19:17:36+00:00

We’re able to scale with you using best-in-class systems and tools and are quick to adjust to you as you grow.

Our IT support is falling short in responding promptly.2024-03-01T19:17:20+00:00

We limit the number of clients and endpoints per tech to make sure you can count on consistency and rapid response on urgent issues.

We just got hacked.2024-03-01T19:17:25+00:00

We take the cybersecurity of your business seriously… between our standard measures, tools and monitoring systems in place, you can rest that you’re protected.

Our IT bills are unpredictable and out of hand.2024-03-01T19:17:29+00:00

The way we do pricing was intentionally designed to add predictability and transparency. We don’t like surprises either.

We need to be focusing on running our business, and IT problems are constantly in the way.2024-03-01T19:17:33+00:00

Put simply, this is at the heart of why we exist. We take care of your IT services and systems so you don’t have to.

A Best-In-Class Partner Ecosystem

“Davis Solutions has managed Bender Remodeling, Inc’s phone systems and computer systems for some time now. They do an amazing job of learning how you do business and then working to make all systems work flawlessly. They bring us new ideas to implement that help us become more efficient to better serve our customers.”

John Bender

President, Bender Remodeling

Sleep better knowing we’re on the job.

Bender has been working with Davis Solutions for many years and Phillip definitely deserves FIVE STARS. There is never a problem that Phillip can’t handle! He has learned our custom platform for our business and has made our 2 locations seamless from server to phone system.”

Berry Bender

Bender Apparel and Signs

Phillip Davis

Let’s talk about your IT needs and see if we’d be a good fit for you. No pressure, no gimmicks.